You may not quite be feeling the festive spirit yet, but as we plod our way through November we’re starting to feel something a little bit extra special in the air. From the decorations, to the party fashions hitting the shops, it is also a good idea to take a look in your makeup bag to make sure you are prepped and ready for this winter’s key beauty trends.

With parties, celebrations and more on the horizon, you will of course be wanting to look your best, so it’s a great time of year for the beauty fan! To make sure you look at the top of your game this winter, here are some of the top beauty looks that are set to be hits.

Blood red lips

Shiny, plump and luscious, we may love our matt lippies but this season sees a return to the ostentatious and super feminine red lips. Forget pillar box reds – as the title suggest you want a deeper and richer blood red shade for that vampy look. Choose a high gloss lipstick and remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple to let it stand out.

The 60s cat eye

Chic and undeniably cool, the cat eye flick from the 1960s is back and we are some pretty happy beauty fans! It suits nearly everyone and adds a touch of glamour to your look whether it’s for during the day or at night. Just make sure that the lines always look clean – you might have to practice this one a little to get it perfect. Our top tip to ensure success is to make sure your liquid eyeliner is highly pigmented with a good quality brush – it makes it so much easier! You can pair this look with clumpy 60s inspired mascara which has been another beauty hit on the catwalk this season.

Naturally nude

If you like to keep things simple, then you’re going to love the natural look that was seen all over the catwalk. But remember, it’s natural, not washed out, so think dewy, fresh skin, bright eyes and natural lips. Probably the most important thing you can do to help this look along is to make sure you have a good beauty regime to keep your skin cleansed and to also keep it well-moisturised against that winter weather.

Pastel smoky eye

The smoky eye has had a makeover and we’re in love! It’s still smouldering but just that little bit lighter and brighter so it keeps our eyes looking bigger. It’s also nice to know that we don’t have to ditch our favourite summer pastel shades thanks to this look. Use a black or dark brown kohl eyeliner plus your pastel shade of choice in order to achieve this look.

Rosy cheeks

A pretty flush is just the thing to liven up your face and it’ll look like you’ve just come in out of the cold. This is as far away as possible from the heavy contouring blushes we’ve been favouring for the last year or two, so remember to keep it light since it should look natural. Spend some time checking out the right shade for you so that you can enjoy this delicate beauty style.

Polished and pretty

If you love to look a bit more coiffed when it comes to your makeup, then you’re really going to appreciate this last look. Taking inspiration from the poshest totty of all, the Royal Family, you’re going to look camera ready at all times with flawless matt skin, peachy lips and dazzling bright eyes. This is one classic makeup look we don’t want to give up any time soon.

When it comes to making sure that your makeup always looks perfect, it pretty much all comes down to the products that you use. Have a raid of your makeup bag and throw out any expired products since they’ll be doing your skin no good. It also gives us an excuse to treat ourselves to fabby new beauty treats. We’ve recently discovered the Cult Beauty site which gives you access to some of the best non-mainstream beauty brands that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So if you love trying out new things then we highly recommend that you check it out now. Plus since basically everybody loves a bargain, you should also check out Groupon's latest discounts for the brand so that you can make the most of your money.

So this winter we think it’s time for you to treat yourself to some new beauty products and get testing these gorgeous makeup trends that you’re going to love.