Liposuction – Pros, Cons & Alternatives


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Liposuction – Pros, Cons & Alternatives

If you feel uncomfortable in your body or feel that you need a change for the better, you may find that liposuction is the best route for you.

This treatment is designed for people who struggle to lose weight by dieting or exercising and who find their-selves to be overweight with excessive fat they cannot lose.

Some people don’t realise it but there are loads of different types of liposuction, it is important to know which the best and most effective method is for you. These include:

  • Traditional
  • Tumescent
  • Ultra-sound assisted
  • Power-assisted
  • To find out more information about liposuction, visit a reputable medical website such as Web MD.

    Traditional Liposuction

    Traditional Liposuction is commonly used in both men and women; this is because it can treat almost every part of the body.

    This kind of treatment is probably the best because it isn’t only used for getting rid of unwanted fat but also practical for tummy tucks facelifts and breast reduction.

    Even so, a disadvantage of traditional liposuction might include the cost of the procedure and depending on your experience the liposuction may only remove a certain amount of fat.

    Tumescent LiposuctionThis type of liposuction is less popular. The process of this method includes a form of anaesthesia injected into the fat cells found beneath the skin.

    This will then cause it to become inflamed and firm. A benefit of this form of liposuction could be that the fluid used for this treatment will limit the amount of blood loss, ensuring there are fewer implications or concerns.

    Risks of Tumescent Liposuction include the fact that the fluid is also very toxic in large amounts and it is important that you find a highly professional and qualified dermatologist to carry out the operation.

    Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

    This technique is a fairly new option for liposuction. If you decide to get this method, then it will consist of sound waves that work to turn the fat into a liquid form.

    It can be effective to remove large amounts of body fat in the one area. Some things you may want to know before experiencing this treatment is there are possible side effects of the process, these may include blood clots or infection but these things are less likely to persist.

    Another possible disadvantage would be a scar left after it has been completed.

    Power-Assisted Liposuction

    Power-assisted liposuction consists of a method which is easier for the surgeon to work with because it doesn’t involve a tube moving back and forth through tissue, like traditional liposuction.

    Instead, it uses a device which is much more accurate and systematic to remove the fat.

    The way it does this is by sending multiple vibrations which break up the fat so it can be suctioned out of the system without any difficulty.

    A positive of this procedure to the client would be it removes a large amount of fat effectively and the time of recovery is reduced compared to other methods of liposuction.

    A risk of this treatment is that the liposuction can result in leaving the skin loose or wrinkled, although this should tighten over a certain amount of time.


    If the idea of invasive and surgical liposuction is off-putting, there are alternatives that do not require surgery.

    CoolSculpting is an alternative to liposuction. This type of treatment is designed to target specific areas of unwanted fat which you cannot seem to lose, no matter how much effort you make.

    The way that this procedure effectively loses that unwanted fat is by decreasing the number of fat cells in your body.

    An advantage of Coolsculpting to the client would be it is suitable for multiple areas of the body, it only requires a short amount of time and it is non-invasive.

    A disadvantage of this procedure may be the discomfort that is possible during the process although it is minimum.

    Which Form of Treatment is for you>

    You should think about what area you are considering getting liposuction on and how much you are willing to pay when picking which type of method is best for you.

    You should also weigh out the pros and cons and decide if the results are going to be which you expect and whether you are willing to deal with the side effects and look after the area properly after the treatment is complete.

    If you decide to choose a clinic which offers the alternative treatment, CoolSculpting, Dr Nick Lowe at the Cranley Clinic offers this treatment.